Public works in Moldova

From the beginning of their activity in Moldova priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were paying a lot of their care and attention to public works.

In parishs in Bednary, Raszkow, Rybnica, Sloboda-Raszkow and Tiraspol works canteens in which about 600 children receive dinners every day. Nursery school and day room exists as well. There are organize compersatory and didactic lessons, children and youth under their teachers and educator care may doing their homework, use sport hale, improve art ability, and learn needlework and fancy work. There are bringing on language lessons (polish, english) and computer classes. The problem with street's children is our next challenge. Because of thinking about them comes into existence "Pietruszka" - the house of all day residence, into which children may find asylum, and family atmosphere. Because of thinking about youth who can not afford the costs connected with their studies is giving help in their studies and cantonment. To support old people, paralysed and lonely, stayed in their own house works medical and social points in whose qualified personnel gives basic and in many cases one and only medical help.

Carried on work is the consequence of cooperation with many beneficent organizations and large engagement of goodwill people, whose hearts are fully of worry about others: children and youth and sick and lonely people as well.