Projects in Moldova


  Owing to help of many goodwill people and organizations: ACASA, PtoUmanitas, co-ordination Caritas Moldova and The Parish of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are carried on following projects: Kitchen-canteen for children, social and medical point, Agro-project, owing which farmers may use agro machines in agriculture. In cooperation with local national structures Saint Kajetan parish helps in nursery school and art school organization. The group of volunteeres beaks bread and gives small swing help by parish. Because of thinking about children has come to existence kitchen-canteen of God's Mercy.


Owing to cooperation Caritas Moldova, ACASA organization and help of The Parish of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus public works are carried on in parish and they give help to needy and poor people. Canteen for children, youth and old people, center for difficult youth and students, day-room for children from poor families and street children works by the parish. Owing to those projects might by carried on computer classes, languages and swing lessons, children and youth might meet in TV and sport hale.


Medical point in Triaspol was established in 2003. There are employed 6 nurses who takes care at 60 people who stay in their own houses. Nurses may use the house into which there are offices, room, bathroom for patients and laundry. Patients are mainly lonely people, severely sick and forgettable. The problem of street children is our next challenge. Because of them comes to existence "Pietruszka" - the house in which they might find asylum and family atmosphere. The house of welfare. Because of cooperation with Caritas 55 of children receive free meals every day.


Kitchen and canteen for children
Many families struggle with the problem of maintenance. The canteen has been created for the poorest families and children from such families come here to have a warm meal. This form of aid involves 60 children.

Social and medical station
The needs of the sick and lonely, whose material situation is dramatic in many cases, have prompted undertaking specific steps in order to provide social and medical aid. A house adapted to give social aid has been purchased. Caritas workers bring professional medical aid, mainly to the bed-ridden. Visiting sick people in the station - there are as many as 30 people - is a great opportunity to become aware of the problems which elderly and lonely people are willing to share.

BATIK - drawing and painting workshop
Supervised by the teacher, the youth and children learn the BATIK technique of painting. The workshop is attended by 14 people, a common interest in painting and long talks with teachers are well-spent time. The young people are keen on attending it, devoting their time to improve their talents. For many children , lost in their environment and experiencing numerous family problems, this is one of few moments to have a brighter look into the future. During many exhibitions and art meetings the displayed works delighted with their originality and artistic effect. Thanks to the cooperation with Caritas Moldova and their assistance, the project has already been working for 4 years, and its actions are substantial help for the youth and children.

Needlework and embroidery workshop
Neddlework and embroidery workshop organised in the parish, which is attended by 10 people, is another public work. With the cooperation of Caritas Moldova, girls learn the art of embroidery, design and sewing. The workshop enjoys great popularity, and taking the opportunity to learn, and then sewing clothes for themselves, becomes a serious challenge. The embroidery classes are attended by 12 children. They take place in the orphanage building in Bendery.


Special attention is paid to male youth. Social care and specialist ministry embraces about 40 boys from the nearby orphanage in Popienki.
Father Henryk Soroka SCJ has been helping the most needy children and youth in Moldova since the very beginning of his pastoral work. The aid project "School of life", started in 1991, has been functioning thanks to the support of many people of good will.
The project aims at helping young people to adapt and lead an independent life after leaving the orphanage. The help is also offered to all children from the orphanage whose hearts have been hurt and deprived of their own parents' love.
The purchase of the house, which will be adapted to serve as a dormitory, has been an important stage in the proper functioning of the "School of life" project.
For many boys this house has become a real home.

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