Parishs in Moldova


  Established in 1749 church was founded by Lubomirscy family. In 1791 it was consecrate by archbishop Tumanowicz. Since about 1932 the church was closed and was designated a cereal store. After II World War priests from Kiszyniow and Ukraine were working there. Since 1990 at parishs were working from parish Sloboda-Raszkow: Father Jan Rudnicki and Father Henryk Soroka SCJ. In 1994 came Father Piotr Kuszman SCJ who worked there as a pastor till 2001 and in 2001 Father Marcin Janu¶ SCJ have become the pastor of parish - he is still the pastor of the parish.


The existence of parish in Sloboda-Raszkow has its beginning in prayers meetings of catholic at their private houses. The building of church was started in 70th, previous century, but it was not finished because the authorities stopped it and the church was destroyed. For the second time the building was started in 1987 and it was finished three years later. On 29 of July 1990 it was consecrate by Father Nikuszt, the bishop from Ryga. Since 1987 in priesthood was involved Father Jan Rudnicki. In 1990 Father Henryk Soroka SCJ has come to the parish, he has become the pastor and he attend this char till now.


The beginning of parish's community was in 1815, when polish from Galicja, Jampol and Kamieniec Podolski have come on this area. In 1817 the building of church was finished, it was founded by Kozuchowski. The church called Saint Jozef was consecrate by bishop Lubowiecki in 1892. The Temple was function till 1933 and as long as it was not closed belonged to Kamieniec Podolski Diocese. After II World War it was destroyed, the last of its pastor was Father Antoni Vedegis, who died in 1937. At the present his grave occurs on cemetery by new builded church. After II World War in priesthood were involved priests from Kiszyniow and Ukraina. Service was performed at cemetery chapel, which in 1963 was destroyed as well. Since 1987 Father Jan Rudnicki was taking care about parishioners. The priesthood char was carried on in private houses of Rybnica's occupants. In 1990 the building of church and parish's house was beginning. In 1992 Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus started to work in parish and building was carrying on by Father Tadeusz Magierowski SCJ, the present pastor of parish. At 10 anniversary of setting up structure in Moldawian church and 70 years from old temple closing the primate of Poland cardinal Jozef Glemp has consecrate new builded church on 9 of October 2003. In 2005 in village Iwanowka building of Fatima's Lady was started.


The history of the Bendery churches is complex and very dramatic.
The first church, of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, was built in 1860. Its founder was general Marceli Olszewski, a Catholic of Polish origin. At the end of the XIX century the church became the property of the Orthodox parish. At present it is the Orthodox church of Peter and Paul. At the beginning of the XX century a new church, of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, was built. Until the year 1948, its parish priest was Father Mikołaj Szczurek, and his parish existed until the year 1950, when the church was closed, passed to one of the Bandery schools and turned into a sports hall. The worshippers from Bendery, in spite of the lack of their own church, still tried to participate in services and church ceremonies - as long as it was possible they would go to Kiszyniowo and Odessa.
Parish structures began to revive in 1992. Catholics, who met to pray together in a private house, belonged to the community in the village of Kriecoaja. In the year 1996 Father Alojzy Malcharczyk SCJ began his ministry. Thanks to his work, on 20 April 1997, the Roman-Catholic Parish of Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Bendery was registered. A building was bought to meet the needs of the parish, and its development followed in the next years. A chapel for the congregation was created on the floor of the building. Another significant stage of the parish development was the purchase of a site for the church construction in 2004. Also, the project of the new church was ready then and the cooperation with the Roman-Catholic parish of St. James in London was initiated ( The parish supported the building of the parish house in the year 2005. The social-pastoral projects will be carried out in the new parish house.
Since the year 2001 the parish priest has been Father Władysław Jadowski SCJ.